"Over the years I have recommended and engaged Max Kimber SC as a preferred and experienced mediator in a wide range of complex and challenging executive and workplace dispute matters for my large corporate and government clients.  Max’s experience as an eminent and respected senior member of the independent Bar assists parties and their legal representatives being very comfortable with Max as the agreed mediator for the job.  His personable and no-nonsense approach converts to an ease of business in the planning and engagement stages for mediation assignments.  Max’s excellent rapport with parties from all walks of life, coupled with his well-honed mediation skills, help parties get to the real heart of disputes, sometimes without them realising that Max has facilitated the understanding - always a sign of a good mediator.  Max has worked hard to make sure that a commercial, practicably workable and binding solution can be reached and my clients and I have always found his services professional, reliable, good value and satisfying."


Darren Gardner | Partner
Accredited specialist - employment & industrial law
Employment, Safety & People


"In the countless mediations that I have been part of over many years, with all manner of mediators (retired judges, senior and junior counsel, registrars, career mediators), I have found no one to be more effective at resolving disputes than Max Kimber SC.   Max is very good to work with, assiduous in his preparation, interventionist with his approach and completely across the relevant issues in dispute, with his sole objective being to get an acceptable outcome for the parties, something that in my experience he is very good at achieving.  With Max as mediator, my clients feel completely involved as part of the solution, rather than alienated from the process."



John Laxon
Laxon Lex Lawyers


"Thank you Max for your expertise, personal skills and generosity of time in providing executive coaching to our management team in dispute resolution and effective communication skills.  Your advice and professional coaching meant that in practice we were able to diffuse a potential conflict through early intervention.  Thanks to your assistance we were able to elicit and better understand the concerns and needs of all stakeholders, then implement a structured process whereby these were openly discussed and considered, which led to a positive and amicable outcome.  This process has highlighted to me the benefit of early involvement in dispute resolution to help prevent miscommunication and escalation of issues. 

We are very grateful for your help and support, and will be in touch should we need your professional assistance in the future."



Kerry Whitby
Managing Director
McElroy Bryan Geological Services
Sydney, N.S.W.



"Max Kimber SC was recommended to me to facilitate the resolution of an ongoing conflict involving members of the senior Executive Staff in one region of the Church. He was able to negotiate a process that did not involve lawyers being engaged by either side. Max spoke to all affected parties and then designed a process to suit the circumstances and the Church’s goals. 

Max demonstrated a remarkable ability to quickly develop a clear understanding not only of the Constitution and Regulations of the Church, but also our corporate culture. He quickly built trust with all the affected parties and was able to understand the conflict from their different perspectives. He designed a process that was fair and respectful of all the parties, and also finely tuned to achieve an outcome acceptable to each of them and an end to the specific conflict. I found him to be highly experienced and skilled, professional and personable – an excellent collaborator in the very difficult situation that I was seeking to have resolved. I would have no hesitation in using Max again in such a situation or in recommending him to others as a mediator."

Rev Prof Andrew Dutney
President, Uniting Church in Australia


"I would have no hesitation in commending the services of Max Kimber as a mediator of any disputes in the workplace relations arena. In my view, effective mediation requires persistence and a genuine commitment to assist the parties to resolve their differences: attributes that Max has displayed in every mediation in which I have had him involved. Importantly, Max has an ability to get across the issues in sufficient depth while not allowing the mediation to become "bogged down” in that detail. His willingness to express a view is also greatly appreciated by clients and practitioners alike."


Joydeep Hor 
Managing Principal
People +Culture Strategies


"We find Max to be a most effective mediator, who demonstrates a particular capacity to understand complex employment and industrial relations issues. His persistence and unfailing politeness in often difficult circumstances has been demonstrated in a variety of private and Court appointed mediations.  We have no difficulty in recommending Max as a mediator."


Paul Brown
Baker & McKenzie

"I have been involved in a number of disputes mediated by Max Kimber and have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Max, as a mediator, stands out to me in the preparation he makes before the formal mediation; seeking to fully understand the position from which both parties are coming before the mediation commences and taking the time to understand the issues currently in play preventing resolution. During mediation Max demonstrates an appropriate gravitas which lends weight to the process and skilfully explores all avenues to bring the parties to an agreed resolution. I can’t recommend him highly enough."



Roland Hassall
Sparke Helmore Lawyers