Further information about The Dispute Group members and structure.

The Dispute Resolution Members are self-employed and independent.

The Dispute Group books and administers their services.  Clients pay the fees charged by the Member and there are no additional administration charges.

Fee arrangements are completely transparent.

Each Dispute Resolution Member is accredited as a mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS).  They have fulfilled the NMAS standards of training and assessment and comply with the NMAS Approval Standards and Practice Standards.  

In accordance with the NMAS, each is a Member of a Recognised Accreditation Body which has a complaints procedure.  In the event that the mediation services of a Member do not meet your expectations, please contact William Nicholls who will provide you with information as to the complaints procedure for that Member.

The Dispute Group Members also operate in accordance with the Law Council of Australia's Ethical Standards for Mediators.

The Dispute Group Members undertake continuing professional development on an ongoing basis in order to maintain and enhance their expertise and the standards of service that The Dispute Group offers to clients.

For more information please contact 

William Nicholls or Kim Khong on 

1300 550 996

or email